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Mike Morgan has stepped down from his position as President of the NPCA.

09 Jul 2018 3:23 PM | NPCA (Administrator)

NPCA President Mike Morgan has stepped down from his position as of July of 2018. Senior Vice President Bill Wegrzyn will assume the position of NPCA President until the next scheduled NPCA election in December. In a letter addressed to the NPCA Board Mike had this to say:

"My participation in the NPCA has been a wonderful experience mostly due to the outstanding group of industry leaders I've had the privilege of working with side by side for the last few years. I have no doubt the future  of the NPCA is bright and vast, and I look forward to still participating in the Association as a member for years to come."

Mike has been involved with the NPCA since it's formation, and he assumed the position of NPCA President in 2015 after the passing of Steve Barnes. He was a major influence in the NPCA's involvement with the FHWA Pilot / Escort Best Practices rewrite which was released in 2017. Mike has represented the NPCA at various industry conferences, events, and symposiums across the US. Mike also represented the NPCA in satellite radio and industry magazine interviews on multiple occasions. Mike addressed his resignation during the July conference call which you can listen to here.

Bill Wegrzyn assumes the position of President with a game plan focused on member recruitment, association transparency, and benefits for NPCA members. 

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