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Get ready for the 2018 April Conference Call featuring Tim Scott with Truckers Brotherhood

22 Mar 2018 8:08 AM | NPCA (Administrator)
     On April 8, 2018 the NPCA will hold it's monthly conference call - this month we will feature Tim Scott who will be discussing how technology could soon be drastically changing the way our industry operates. Tim Scott is the President/CEO of Truckers Brotherhood, a company created to provide innovation and harmonization to not only the P/EVO industry, but the entire OS/OW industry as well. PilotBOSS is Tim's solution towards improving the P/EVO industry by making the entire process of managing jobs easier for both the P/EVO and Carrier.

     Join us on April 8th to hear what Tim has to say about PilotBOSS, ask some questions, and learn more about the industry you operate in! See Truckers Brotherhood's press release below featuring some more information:

Press Release:

The Truckers Brotherhood is a peer to peer community of Specialized Transportation Service Providers. Providing an outlet of resources, education, training, and industry support services intended to harmonize the OS/OW transport process between carriers, state/federal agencies and allied service providers. Truckers Brotherhood’s suite of solutions offer businesses a superior experience built on convenience, reliability, and unmatched customer service.

Scheduled to go live April 2018,  PilotBOSS is the first in the company’s line up of innovative technologies & trans-formative solutions catering to the demands of the specialized transport industry.  Available on Android/Web/iOS, the application uses state of the art technologies to deliver enterprise level performance never available to the pilot car industry in one integrated solution.   Powered with proprietary technologies, it was designed to give pilot/escort vehicle service providers and their staff, everything necessary to run their day to day operations from job tender to delivery.   PilotBOSS comes complete with easy web and mobile ordering, flexible billings options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations, up-to-the-minute ETAs, Peer to Peer Ratings and a feature-rich API.

If that weren’t enough, PilotBOSS is also the WORLDS FIRST ON-DEMAND capacity matching service specifically designed to connect carriers with pilot car service providers in REAL-TIME.  PilotBOSS brings the process of finding a job, securing that job, dispatching that job, tracking that job and it’s costs, together in one, simple to use, platform.  It generates invoices, allows adjustments for those “unforeseen reimbursements”, acquires appropriate documentation for payment, and provides for Credit Card or C.O.D billing at delivery.

With the capability to replace outdated, often tedious, manual processes with fully integrated and automated suite of solutions; PilotBOSS gives PCP’s the ability to revolutionize the way they operate with innovative solutions that increase efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately profitability.  It is clear to see how businesses, and the OS/OW industry, will benefit from the advent of these technologies.  For example, matching jobs in an ON-DEMAND environment, alleviate countless expenses/time/frustration associated with load boards and traditional processes pilot car providers go through just to get a job.  From the acquisition of a load to payment on delivery, Truckers Brotherhood’s PilotBOSS platform remedies the long-standing need for seamless integrations for the specialized transport industry.

The Truckers Brotherhood was founded by two individuals who were both driven by excellence and a passion to automate and streamline the specialized carrier arena.  Their paths, although different crossed at the perfect time.   Tim spent the last 9 years collecting data and developing IP based on his professional experiences in the OS/OW arena.  While Executive V.P, Michael Webb has been focused on bringing better solutions to motor carriers and state agencies to better serve the specialized transportation community.  Collectively, the Truckers Brotherhood partners bring well over 30 years of private- and public-sector motor carrier industry and regulatory expertise.

“It all began out of a personal need to manage business, nothing truly existed for the OS/OW market. I saw a need and set out to fill that need,” said Tim Scott Founder of Truckers Brotherhood. With 10 years of experience in the transport industry, a heavy haul veteran, fleet owner, and professional dispatcher, Mr. Scott pushes innovation and develops technology from the carriers’ perspective.  Mr. Scott continues to revolutionize the industry with forth coming patent pending technologies,  “It’s inevitable that technology will change how we do business and while our technologies will apply across the broader sector,  the Truckers Brotherhood is dedicated to solutions built specifically for the specialized industry”.

“To date, no individual Internet portal exists to integrate all of the personal and professional tools needed to meet the specialized trucking industry’s unique needs in a modern, ‘smart-phone’ friendly portal. The specialized transportation market has been waiting for a one-stop solution that provides a stable environment to solve problems, provide information, connect companies, government agencies, and individuals, and generate revenue. PilotBOSS is just the first step to providing the solution to meet those needs”, said Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Webb. Mr. Webb has over 22 years of experience in the OS/OW arena. He continues to serve as Vice President of Government Affairs for ProMiles Software Development Corporation as well.

PilotBOSS is the first platform in a long succession of integrated solutions that aim to transform and automate the current archaic processes that specialized transport service providers are subject to.  The company is hyper focused using technology to streamline and harmonize those processes from “ to bottom”. They say really good things come around every so often, and this certainly seems to be one of them.  PilotBOSS itself really is an amazing package and looks to set the standard for this mobile profession.  Looking forward to seeing more from this start up, keep on an eye on the Truckers Brotherhood!

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