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ProMiles Software Introduces OS/OW Route Following App

20 Apr 2022 8:13 AM | Joshua Reagor (Administrator)

ProMiles, developer of ProMIles XR Mileage Guide, Fuel Tax, Fuel Management, and other tools, now offers an app to help truck drivers follow complicated OS/OW routes. The app is currently being tested in Colorado, Illiniois, and New Hampshire. If you would like for your company to perform testing on the Route Following App please contact the permit office. The app “ProMiles Permit Navigation” can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores.

When the OS/OW Permitting and Routing System identifies a route for a permit, it obtains a list of road segments that describe the route. Each of these road segments consist of two or more lat/long points. The Permitting and Routing System uses this information to draw the route line on the map. This information is called a breadcrumb trail for the route. This trail describes the roads the vehicle is traveling on to a high level of precision. This breadcrumb trail and the associated maneuver directions are utilized to create the data for the Route Following app.

The app will obtain the current lat/long coordinate of the device and truck, and if within the threshold of on the route, the app will enter Route Following mode. In this mode, the app will display the trip line, the vehicle, location, and the next maneuver. The app will speak the next maneuver as the driver approaches the maneuver .If the driver gets off route, the app will shut down Route Following mode and will display a message from the Permit Office instructing the driver to contact the Permit Office to return to the route. Learn more.

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